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Leadership Coaching, Jade Coaching & Training, Wellington New Zealand

Leading yourself, leading others

Every thought you have creates some aspect of your reality - working with our Coaches and Trainers you can learn how to master your thinking and master your results.  You can clarify and strengthen your sense of purpose, your confidence and your leadership. With our coaching and training you can enhance your ability to lead yourself and your ability to lead others:


  • We provide leadership coaching to Executives, Leaders, Managers, Team Leaders & Supervisors who want to sharpen their professional skills and deepen their understanding of self and others to increase performance & results

  • We coach individuals who want to effectively lead themselves to personal and professional success

  • We provide NLP sessions for people who have specific areas where they're seeking rapid change



  • Our training programmes increase performance, improve communication and enhance relationships.  They are based on the principles of generative and accelerated learning, personal responsibility and self-awareness.  We incorporate NLP techniques and the latest research from neuro-science

  • We offer a range of  workshops and programmes that can be tailored to your needs.  We also design new workshops as required

  • We offer a cost effective e-learning leadership programme and measurement tools.  Contact us for a free demonstration.



" It was great having an objective pair of eyes that may see things you do not... I've improved both as a manager and as a person. "

Warren, Team Leader